Where is my bonus for a product purchased through your link via Zaxaa?

To access your bonus for a product purchased via Zaxaa

1. Go to  http://zaxaa.com and click on LOGIN

You will have created your account when you purchased the product and your credentials will have been sent in an email.  If you have forgotten your password (or not received the email) you can use the "Forgot Password" button on the login window

2  Once logged in be sure you are in "Seller Mode" and Click on "My Purchases"

3.  Locate your purchase and click on the link in the "Affiliate Bonus" column to access your bonuses from us

If you do not see your bonus here, then there are a couple of possibilities:

  • You mistyped your email address/entered a different one to your Zaxaa account email. Please check with the vendor as to which email address relates to your transaction ID (we do not have this information as it is not our product). If this is the issue, please contact Zaxaa who can sort this out for you.
  • Your purchase may not have been credited to our Affiliate ID. Again, please check with the vendor as to which affiliate was credited with your purchase.
    If you have already purchased this product and not got our bonuses,  you can still claim them by purchasing again - using our link and ensuring you clear your cookies immediately before clicking through to purchase with our link so that the sale is properly credited to our Affiliate ID.
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