Recommended Autoresponder Service

Did you know that the autoresponder service you use can make a huge difference to the success of your email marketing?

Some email services have taken measures to ensure their emails are whitelisted by a lot of the major email providers and ISPs. What this means is that your emails are a lot less likely to be marked as spam, which means your emails will be seen and read by more people.

The one thing you should not do is to use one of those scripts that run on your own server. Just don’t do it! You won’t have the automatic whitelist power that a good email service provider has, and you’ll potentially be the target of spam complaints that could get your hosting account shut down or even get your domain name taken away!

If you’re using a  good autoresponder service, they would field many of the spam complaints. (And you will get them no matter what you do. People may forget who you are, or they will try to unsubscribe and make a mistake and they’ll think you’re continuing to email them on purpose, or they’re just jerks.) A good autoresponder service would be able to be your advocate, because they have many anti-spam measures in place to protect themselves, and that also protects you.

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