Where is my bonus for a product purchased through your link via JVZoo?

Step 1: Log on to your JVZOO customer portal at:

The login details are usually given in the purchase receipt email you are sent from JVZOO.  **

Step 2: After Logging in, Locate "My Purchases" button, usually at the top right

Step 3: Hit the "View Details" button of the product you purchased.

Step 4: You will see a detailed page for your purchase.

If you have purchased the product under our affiliate link and we have an associated bonus with that product announced, you will see your Bonus access beside the product access details like:

If you do not see your bonus here, then there are a couple of possibilities:

  • You mis-typed your email address/entered a different one to your JVZoo account email. Please check with the vendor as to which email address relates to your transaction ID (we do not have this information as it is not our product). If this is the issue, please contact JVZoo who can sort this out for you.
  • Your purchase may not have been credited to our Affiliate ID. Please make sure you clear your cookies immediately before clicking through to purchase with our link. If you have already purchased this product and not got our bonuses,  you can still claim them by purchasing again - using our link and ensuring the sale is properly credited to our Affiliate ID.

** If you have misplaced your Purchase Receipt Email please follow the step by step instructions given in this FAQ 
How to access your JVZoo Account

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