ProductDyno LMS Q&A

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Boost engagement, track & evaluate your students’ progress and build a strong community around all of your products and training with this powerful integrated add-on module for ProductDyno

LMS appears in the Dashboard when you are managing a Product or Collection.


  1. You can not see the LMS items in the dashboard if you do not have an existing product/collection. Why not add the DFY Product Social Media Marketing Course so you can give these a spin?  Check out the related article to see how to do this.
  2. Inside the Content Designer, ProductDyno shows the Static/Dummy LMS modules to give an idea of what the modules will look like if they are enabled. The Progress Tracking and any other LMS modules inside the Content Designer are dummy and you can not perform any actual action on them. To see them "live" you need to add a test member inside your product to see how the actual Progress Tracking will work for a member when actually logged in. 

Q1: Is “discussion” feature going to be added in collection level?
A1: Discussion is based on a Product's section. If Discussion is enabled on a Product and this Product is added inside a Collection....Discussion will be shown inside the Collection for that Product.

Q2. The LMS quizzes are not showing up in preview / visual content builder.
A2. This has now been added

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