ProductDyno Checkout Builder

When you are using ProductDyno Checkouts for your Payment Gateway you now have the option to use one of our templates to help your checkout page get higher conversions!

(For now, this can be used as your page builder!  Give it a go! Some templates lend themselves to this better than others!)

On the Payment Gateways dashboard for your Product or Collection, click on "Add Payment Gateway" and select the template that appeals to you.

Note: For now, once you set up a checkout page, you cannot change the template on the fly.  If you want to split-test different options, you can set up each option and use the URLs in your tests.  You can set up as many "Payment Gateway" pages per Product/Collection as you like.

Once you have chosen your template it will be added to your Payment Gateways -> ProductDyno Checkouts Dashboard

  1. Checkout Page Design - click to edit the contents of the checkout page
  2. Payment Gateway Editor - Click to edit the Payment Gateway information - the gateway, price, thank you page, etc
  3. Copy the URL of your checkout page

Checkout Page Designer

NOTE:  The text on the BUY NOW button is specified in the Content Designer -> Settings -> Translation

Typography: Choose your colors, fonts, etc

Edit the content to personalize your checkout page 




Each item shown matches an item in the checkout page. 

  • Click the 3 dots to edit the item. 
  • Click the 3 lines (hamburger) to move the item up or down the list. 
  •  Add a new item within the "content block" by clicking on the blue "Add Content" button

Customize the template structure (layout of columns, etc) , design of the text block and the design of checkout form



Checkout Form

Note: The positioning of the double columns is set with the Content displayed on the Right.  If the "Display Content on Left Column" is ticked, the columns are reversed

Note: The text on the BUY NOW button is set in the Content Designer -> Settings -> Translation

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