Video Playback issues and ProductDyno

Are your customers having issues watching your videos.  Maybe they are "stuttering", buffering or freezing before the end?

There are few things to consider:

  1. Buffering is not related to the browser or computer. It is usually someone's internet connection or the service where from the video is being transferred.
  2. ProductDyno does not control the quality or speed of the video from Wasabi or Amazon. The system simply uses the URL from your Wasabi account.
  3. Sometimes, it is your location where Wasabi network is working bit slow.
In summary, unfortunately this is something out of our control. We suggest the customer tries from a different location (ask a friend or family member?) or from a different internet connection.

To improve the performance, we can suggest a few alternatives:

  • Use the YouTube videos URL (Drawback that it shows the YouTube logo)
  • Use the Vimeo hosted videos URL (Does not show the Vimeo branding)
  • Use a CDN service similar to (as used by services such as Netflix).   You might need to use the direct MP4 URLs but the videos would be fast.

Other ProductDyno customers suggested the native integration with Bunny here at:

Our team is researching the best way to integrate with different CDN services. You can expect a related solution in the near future.

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