EmailDyno Q&A

How do I change the size of the merge field text. it is too small for my design?

the size if the text for merge field is dynamic. It adapts the size according to the length of the field text.

When I am using the Personalized Image option, how many merge fields can I use on the image?

There is no limit on the merge fields but we suggest to keep it one or two for better look and feel.

Does EmailDyno support RTL languages? Does the program support writing in Arabic? Can you write the content in any RTL language and the translation for different words inside?

  1. Yes, RTL languages are supported
  2. Yes, Arabic writing is supported
  3. Yes, you can write Arabic text to your designs
  4. Yes, the content can be in any RTL language
  5. Except for the Countdown timer, you can write your own words

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