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  3. Set up and Promoting
  4. Managing customers


As an EmailDyno Reseller, you can access your Reseller dashboard from the menu inside your EmailDyno account

From your Reseller Dashboard you can see your Statistics and access your Reseller tools and customer data

Reseller Tools

When you first access your Reseller account - start here!  It contains the following items

  1. How to utilize your license
  2. Download and read your license
  3. Get your personalized registration links to give to buying customers
  4. Get your marketing materials

By default,  your registration links contain your name as entered at the time of purchase.   You can edit element of the URL should you wish to

Set up and Promoting

Download the Marketing Materials to your own computer and unzip them.

Sales Pages

  1. Set up "your product" in the payment processor of your choice
  2. Edit the sales page to contain your own BUY NOW button connected to your payment processor. If you can't do this yourself, ask someone who knows a little bit of HTML
  3. Upload to your own server

Using the sales page provided you can promote either

  1. Annual license at a minimum suggested price as shown in the license
  2. "Lifetime" license at the minimum suggested price as shown in the license

Should you wish to create your own sales page using the provided videos, you can download the videos  HERE.

Email Swipes

Add these to your current autoresponder series to promote your EmailDyno to your existing customers


Add these to your existing website, blog, social media, etc

Managing Customers

Once a customer purchases the product they must be directed to the appropriate Registration Link. (See #3 in "Registration Tools" above)

You have been given 2 links - one for an annual purchase and one for a "lifetime" purchase.  So depending on what your sales page says (annual or lifetime) you will put that link in the payment processor to be delivered to the customer on completion of purchase.

There is NO facility for automatic upgrade from annual to lifetime.  Should you choose to create a funnel with an upsell from an annual  to lifetime 

  1. You need to ensure the annual + lifetime upgrade fees add up to the minimum suggested price in the license
  2. when the upgrade is taken, as a reseller, you will need to update the customer's account manually.  This is so that you can check that the customer has indeed purchased the FE before purchasing the upgrade.  We also strongly recommend you ensure your upsell sales page is NOT searchable by Google and other search engines so that folks can only find it by going through your funnel
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