For FlipGuardian, Do You Have A Program For Influencers?

Yes We Do! We want to work with influencers who actively create video or blog content for audiences that would be interested in FlipGuardian's services. Influencers are YouTube creators, publishers, authors, content marketers, podcasters, journalists, and more. The minimum requirements are to have a following of over 25,000 on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Please apply for our regular affiliate program first and then submit your application for increased bounty and access to our influencer program perks and co-promotions by Clicking Here
Some of the perks include:
  • $50 for each new customer you refer to us
  • Custom referral URL
  • Access to your referral data (clicks, sales, etc)
How FlipGuardian will promote you:
  • Content promotion through FlipGuardian's social channels
  • Get featured on the FlipGuardian blog
  • Be included in "roundup" style emails sent to users
  • Get featured in our paid social media campaigns and ads
Have less than 25k social followers? The FlipGuardian Affiliate Program could be a great fit for you!
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