EmailDyno Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Add a New Collection: 

A collection is a means to keep a group of elements together - it could be an autoresponder campaign, a specific promotion, all your countdown timers, etc

Click Add New Collection - give your Collection a title and a short description

Step 2: Add an Element

Elements are blocks of HTML code that you will add to your email.  There are 7 different elements depending on your objective:

When you click the "Add New Element Button" you will see the choices: 

  1. Button Element: Highlight a single call-to-action
  2. Countdown Timer Element: Generate urgency for a time-based offer
  3. Personalized Image Element: Establish a deeper connection with your subscribers
  4. Survey Element: Segment and engage your subscribers
  5. Ratings Element: Determine your subscribers' Net Promoter Score
  6. Video Overlay Element: Inspire your subscribers to watch a video
  7. Progress Steps Element: Motivate your subscribers to complete a process

Select the one that suits your objective.  For more information check out the "Related Articles" linked to below

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