FlipGuardian PRO Features

FlipGuardian PRO is packed with features and many more are planned... keep watching!

ZERO FlipGuardian Transaction Fees 

Standard accounts are subject to a 2% transaction fee on all sales.  PRO accounts with an active subscription pay zero fees (Note:  Stripe fees still apply).  This could potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. If you're going to sell $5K a year with the app then you'll be getting everything else in PRO essentially for free.  And if you're thinking that you won't be selling $5k a year the way you're working now - you could use the other PRO features to lift your current  results and get to the point where you will be selling $5K a year!

Pre-Roll, Pre-Gate & Post Read Video

You already know about the power of video...  And now you can harness it within your FlipGuardian campaigns.  Add strategically positioned videos to boost sales and lead generation or add extra content/value to any PDF.  A short pitch video in front of a pay gate could double or triple your sales.  Some bonus video content at the end of the paid book may double or triple your sales.  A thank you message after someone buys or opts in could improve your relationships with your readers/buyers leading to more sales.  And that's just the video functionality!

Add Customizable Annotations

The annotations feature could be used to add new recommendations and affiliate promotions to books you have now and just don't want to edit.  You could recommend other products you sell or promote using annotations and increase the revenue from everyone who buys a book or downloads a lead magnet from you. Give your readers links to more information, personal notes or extra tips, without interrupting their experience.

Export Your FlipGuardian Campaigns

The perfect way to spread your content (and your message) far and wide.  AND... An amazing option to license your content to others for BIG bucks!  Sell / license your content to other FlipGuardian users.   You can provide optimized and better content to ready made creative, promo graphics, etc and ensure more of your affiliates use it by giving out export codes.  If your affiliates don't already have a FlipGuardian account - you can promote to them using your affiliate link and earn yourself more bounty.  Keep an eye out for the innovative FlipGuardian affiliate program to be announced very soon!

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