FlipGuardian Add-ons and Upgrades

When you purchase any add-on or upgrade for FlipGuardian you will receive an email from members[at]flipguardian.  

  1. If you purchased as you were going through the funnel, this email will thank you for your purchase and inform you your account has been upgraded. No further action is required on your part
  2. If you purchased at a later date - via your account - the email will contain your upgrade code as shown below

This is an example of the email you will receive outside the buying funnel - this is for the Lifetime Upgrade

For all upgrades:

  1. Copy your Upgrade Code
  2. Log in to FlipGuardian and click on ACCOUNT in the left menu

  3. Paste the Upgrade Code into the "Redeem Your Add-on/Upgrade/Expansion Code:" field
  4. Click "REDEEM" 
  5. Log out and back in again to pull in the new status from the members database


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