Product Dyno Team Members

You can now invite your team members/partners to your Product Dyno account and start collaborating. You have total control over what your team members can do or cannot do inside your account. You can even give read-only access if needed. Revoking access or updating the permissions of a member is one click away.

You can find your Team Members section when you login to your Product Dyno account:

The "Invite Team Member" enables you to add a team member to your account and give them specific access to all or selected Products and all or selected Collections.

The access can be further specified for Read/Write, Read Only or No Access for specific activities within the Product/Collection.

Note: The presence of Product/Collection in the Permissions Table is to enable you to give READ ONLY access to the whole Products/Collections nominated.
If you give access to one or more Products/Collections but select “No Access”  from the Permissions table, the team member will not have access to the Products and/or Collections.

Inviting a Member

When you invite a member, you will get a message that the invitation is still "Pending". 

The invited member will have the ability to accept or reject your invitation. This is the message they will receive:

Once they have accepted, there will be a confirmation and an email will be sent to them with their credentials.

You should be able to see them on your members list without the "Pending" label this time. 

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