MasterClass, WOMBAT and LMS


We're very excited about the MasterClass we're putting together for you! We will, of course! be delivering this with ProductDyno.  You will receive a welcome email giving your logon credentials.  If you have misplaced your email just head to for a reminder. Or, if you have your logon credentials, head to

It’s going to be lots of strategy and tactics along with mindset, marketing and advanced online business strategies that we are doing ourselves and how you can take these same strategies and fit them to your business  

We will show how we set up some of our courses and products inside ProductDyno but it’s not going to be a hand-holding ProductDyno tutorial. We have help videos and guides for ProductDyno and KuickList that can be accessed from inside the respective accounts. 


WOMBAT gives you the added functionality to find new customers and get your products known by Word Of Mouth from your existing customers.  For this to happen, you do need to have customers to spread the word and products for them to spread the word about!  

We recommend you create products in your ProductDyno account - either using KuickLists or adding your own or PLR products so you will be able to activate the WOMBAT when it is added to your account

Learning Management System

Boost engagement, track & evaluate your students’ progress and build a strong community around all of your products and training with this powerful integrated add-on module for ProductDyno.

Find out more about this optional add-on at

Where to Find LMS and WOMBAT 

In a Product or Collection, click on MANAGE - and the additional modules (show in red) will be shown


Note: You can not see these if you do not have an existing product/collection.  Why not go ahead and add the DFY Product Social Media Marketing Course.  Check "Related Articles" to see how to do this

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