ProductDyno VIP Platinum Q&A

Q: Is there a payment plan where I can pay over a longer period with lower payments?

A: Unfortunately no, we cannot offer any alternative payment plan, at this time.

Q: I already have a ProductDyno account.  Can I get this offer?

A: Yes!  Of course!  Just use the same email address and your account will be upgraded to VIP Platinum and you will be sent logins to KuickList immediately.  You will also receive notification when the W.O.M.B.A.T  and Masterclass go live

Q: I already have a ProductDyno account.  Can I get a discount?

A: The current price for ProductDyno alone is double that of this offer - and with this offer you get a ProductDyno Unlimited account, KuickList Pro Lifetime VIP, Kuicklist Checklist Template Club and the WOMBAT and MasterClass.  So you're really getting everything at a huge discount already!

Q: Do you charge fees or take a percentage from my sales?

A: NO! Unlike other platforms, we do not take a percentage of your sales revenue. Nor do we add listing fees, hidden extras for integrations or Pro features

Q: Do I retain 100% control of my content/members/buyers? Dou you email my members?

A: Yes! You do. No, we don't

Q: Can I use ProductDyno to protect existing download pages/content?

A: Yes!  If you already have a download page or member area you can secure it easily using ProductDyno.  Simply enter the URL to the pages you would like your logged in customers to see and paste our Copy Protection Code into your page(s) source code. You’ll then receive links to registration, login and forgot password pages. Anyone not logged in who tries to access these URLs will be redirected to your Login page.

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Q: What type of Product/Content can I deliver with ProductDyno

A: You can deliver any kind of content you choose including: Articles, Audios, Videos, Downloadable Files and Images and more. You can also use ProductDyno to deliver BOTH free and paid content to your customers.   Here are the options you can use:

  • Paid Access – The customer must pay via your preferred platform(s) for access to your digital content and files.
  • Public Access – Anyone with the URL can access this content without a login and no registration needed.
  • Free Access – No payment needed but users must register and then login to access the protected delivery area.

Q: Are there ready-made templates in ProductDyno for setting out my product delivery?

A: Yes! There are several templates within ProductDyno to assist you in laying out your products for your members.

Q: Are there any DFY products in ProductDyno

A: Yes! Our 'Social Media Marketing Course' is included free with every ProductDyno account. This can be quickly and easily loaded as your product with a few clicks using the Wizard. In addition, there are more "done for you" products that you can purchase via the marketplace inside your account.

Q: How do I integrate ProductDyno and Kuicklist?

A: Checkout the article listed in "Related Articles" below

Q: Are there any DFY checklists in ProductDyno/Kuicklist?

A: Since each client will be wanting completely different lists, to guide their own unique customers, there are no DFY checklists.

Q: When or where I should receive info about the upcoming Masterclass/WOMBAT?

A: The W.O.M.B.A.T. and Insider Master Class will be available by the end of Q1 2021. You will be emailed details to the email address registered to your ProductDyno account

Q: How do I get traffic to my product offers?

A: You can sign up to our Traffic Generation Club for free by CLICKING HERE

Q: How many admin logins can I have to ProductDyno?  

A: You get ONE admin login to ProductDyno since this is a PERSONAL  license.  You many load and sell as many products as you wish so long as they are your own personal products.  You may not offer agency services to your customers.

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