PL VIP Marketing Access


Once you give us your name and email you will arrive at the "Access Page"

If this is the first time you have arrived at this page, please click the GREEN Button "Create My Free Access Pass" - see below to access your existing account

Create Free Account

You will see a "checkout page" were you are asked to give your name (#1&2) and an email (#3) - these will be used to identify your VIP Marketing membership account.  You will see that the total "cost" is set to $0 due to the application of the coupon code.  

When you click #4 to confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, the big blue button appears so you can complete your "purchase"

Welcome Emails

You will immediately receive the following emails:

  1. Your Login credentials and access URL for your VIP Marketing Membership account
  2. The "payment" receipt for your "purchase"
  3. Request to confirm your subscription to the "Deals" email list

As soon as you do confirm your email address, you will receive a welcome email:

Now you're all set to access the 10 Marketing Tools offered and to be among the first to hear about any new deals we offer,

Accessing an Existing Account

Clicking on the Black button to access your existing account will take you to

You can enter the login credentials sent in the email or use your email address and the "Forgot Password" function to get a new password.

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