Business VIP 2020 Q&A

Q1. The video shows many products that do not appear on the preview page. Are they no longer included in the program... or is the preview page incomplete?

A: This is an "end of season sale" since some partners have removed their products. We are in the process of recruiting new partners and should you join now, you will have access to these new partner products when the deals are agreed. The preview at does show the current offerings - which, as you point out, do not match the sales video. 

Q2. Many of the softwares show a limited duration (3 months, 12 months). Does that clock start ticking upon purchase of the Business VIP Pass... or does it start when I register for an individual software, regardless of when I start. 

A: About half of the products are "lifetime". For those with a time limit, it starts when you register with that product

Q3. I already have lifetime or annual access to many of the programs/software on the list. What happens there? Can I give or sell an account to someone else?

A: Even if you already own some of the products, it is still a good deal for those you do not. You cannot sell on licenses but you can register and gift the account to someone else should you choose to

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