Perkzilla Live Editor

The Live Editor enables you to design your widget to appear just how you want it.  You can change the graphics and ALL the text fields to different wording or a different language.  These changes will override anything you entered in the Wizard and will be saved automatically as you go along.  You can come back to the live editor at any time to adjust the settings or whenever you want by clicking on the "hamburger" menu for the campaign on the All Campaigns dashboard (see at the end of this article)

Let's get to know the Live Editor screen

From the Wizard

1. The Website Name you entered in Step 2
2. The awards you entered in Step 3 (For now, to edit the names of the prizes, please do so in Automation Center-> Rewards.  See Related Articles for Automation Center Description)
3. The form you built in Step 6 (You can edit this in Dashboard -> Campaign -> Edit)
4. Time remaining to the campaign end time you entered in step 4 (Change this by changing the date for the winner email to be sent in Perks &Triggers)

The Widget Header

5. The graphic of your choice or choose one of the provided templates
6. Slide to turn the graphic off or on
7. Click to upload the graphic of your choice

To edit the text, simply select it and use the options given to change the font, etc

Live Editor Functions

8. Colors: Choose the color for your button/link and the text
9. Switch Screens: scroll through the screens that the user might see while interacting with the widget
          Campaign Introduction
          Existing User


10. Get the code to deploy your widget
11. Menu to other areas of Perkzilla
12. This will show on the stats on the live widget
13. Let Perkzilla earn passive income from your campaign - or not!
14. View your widget in different sizes including smartphone

You can return to the Live Editor whenever you want by clicking on the "hamburger" menu for the campaign on the All Campaigns dashboard

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