Perkzilla Run a Giveaway Wizard

From your desktop Click "New Campaign" 

Then choose campaign type Giveaway

Wizard Steps

In this article:

  1. Name Your Campaign
  2. Identify your domain, etc
  3. Identify the Prize(s)
  4. When to end the Contest
  5. How to choose a winner
  6. What subscriber info to capture
  7. How you are going to deploy your contest

If you want to leave the wizard at any time and return to your dashboard, just click on the Perkzilla Logo at the top of your screen

 Nickname for the Campaign - this shows up in your dashboard and on every window so you are sure which campaign you are working with

 Where are you hosting your Campaign? Give the name you want your customers to see as "your" name and the website where the campaign will be run.  If you are displaying your campaign on, say, a sidebar across your site, you may want all referrals to be directed to one specific page instead of back to the page they are currently on.  In this case, choose YES for "Do you want a dedicated landing page?"

Note: be sure to choose the correct option for http and https

 What are the Giveaways? Specify your first (maybe only?) Giveaway.  Say how many then say what it will be.
See that what you type is shown in the live preview of the Winner announcement email.  You'll notice that the Claim Reward Info is not completed yet in the preview - because you haven't specified them... You need to click on the Delivery Icon.


Delivery of Gift:  Click on the Delivery Icon  You can choose:


Coupon Code - Enter the coupon code and click the SAVE icon

  Delivery URL - Type the URL where the winner can access the gift - and click the SAVE icon

  Other Instructions - Type the full message to tell the winner how to get the gift - and click the SAVE icon

Once you have completed the information for this gift you can click Add Tier- as many times as you wish - but be sure to complete the delivery instructions for each prize before going on to add the next.  

If you add one by mistake, change your mind, etc, you can Remove Tier

All the details entered here will be used by the wizard to create your Winner emails that will be sent automatically sent out when the contest ends


When Does the Giveaway End?  Choose date and time - eg October 31st at midnight.  The timezone will be that showing in your account profile.

This information is used by the wizard to time the Winning emails to be sent at the end of the contest


How Do You Want PerkZilla to Choose the Recipients?

Contest: will select from your most active users

Randomly: will choose the recipient(s) randomly from all the entrants

Giveaway: is an intelligent hybrid of the other 2.  It will assign the number of entries to each user then select randomly with the weighted values


What Information should be captured?  Here is where you build your opt-in form.  As you make your choices in the Feature Tool Box, they will be reflected in the form preview on the right of the screen.

Click the little down arrow to choose Email only, First name + email or First name + Last Name + email.  Turn on or off the Placeholders, Labels, Consent Checkbox and Consent description  - you will define the consent description you want displayed at a later step, for now, just choose whether you want it or not.

You can change the content of the fields too.  Just edit the text shown in the preview.  For example change the text of the button from "Get Started" to "Let me in NOW!" - be sure to click the green tick to confirm your changes.  (The color of the button can be changed - in a later step.)

This information is used to build the web form that will be presented to your viewers to enable them to sign up.


How Are You Going to Deploy Your Campaign?  Your choice will dictate the code that PerkZilla generates for you to add to your web page

* Sign Up Form - With this option, a simple sign up form will be displayed on your page that visitors can complete to join your campaign.  This will be a page you host.

Widget - With this option, a full "widget" displaying the prizes as well as the opt-in form will be displayed on a the page you add the code to.  You will be hosting the page

* Landing Page - PerkZilla will host the landing page with your widget for you.

*At this moment in time, these options are not available - sorry!

This is the end of the Wizard.  

Your campaign is all set up now!   You will be redirected to the Action Builder - to define the actions that the referrals need to do to win points. Then you will visit the Live Editor to make the finishing touches to your widget.  We cover the Action Builder and Live Editor in other articles - check the Related Articles

You can edit any of the settings you gave the Wizard by going to Dashboard 

To edit form settings, welcome screen messages and welcome emails click EDIT.

To edit any of the actions - click on Action Builder.  For more information on the Action Builder see the  Related Articles below

To change any of the prizes or qualifications - click on Perks and Triggers. For more information on Perks and Triggers see the  Related Articles below

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