Post Gopher and Page Builders

WordPress (WP) is a blogging platform and provides a framework to facilitate that. In this framework are various functions and methods to allow third parties to speak to WP in a uniform fashion. As WP is a blogging platform, it allows you to creates posts, to which you can attached media, etc. 
As a plugin, Post Gopher uses this framework to ask WP to give it the content of the post - and WP replies with said content. Then Post Gopher can deal with it accordingly. Knowing it's WP content, it can ask about images, or videos etc.  This allows for various types of content and also allows that content to be shown in various different ways and, to be honest, this is more than adequate for blogging content.
Now, certain builders allow you to take these posts and add more to them than WP intends.  Most, like Thrive, do this adhering to the WP framework, hence why Post Gopher works with Thrive. But there is a new breed of what we are calling "Page Builders". These work to shoehorn WP into something that it's not intended to be: to build pages such as landing pages, squeeze pages etc. And because WP is not built for such pages, the plugins/themes have to do it all outside of the WP framework and thus no plugins will work except those explicitly designed for that page builder.  We have never and will never start adding code to handle a specific "plugin/theme"! This would just put us at the mercy of the developer of the theme/plugin  - they can willy-nilly change their code that could render our plugin dead - which would mean we'd have to scramble to modify our plugin to match!  Can you imagine the chaos if we tried to keep up with 3 or 4 or more of these page builders?

So bottom line is this, a Page Builder is for building Pages not blog posts.  Post Gopher works hand in hand with WP to delivers blog posts to your subscribers as PDF, it does not work outside WP to deliver pages.

We strongly recommend that you

  1. Don't use page builders for blog posts
  2. If you must and then experience a problem with our WP compliant plugin, don't come to us!  You should contact the developers of the page builder and ask why their theme/plugin does not work with WP compliant plugins.

Themes/Plugins Identified as NON-WP Compliant

  • DIVI
  • ProfitBuilder
  • WP Bakery
  • Elementor 
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