ProductDyno WP Plugin

If you have content on a WordPress site that you sell and want to deliver securely by ProductDyno then we have you covered!

The ProductDyno WP Plugin is listed at

If your content is already set up on a WordPress site, now you can secure and deliver your content in Wordpress! You do, however, need to set up your product as usual in ProductDyno.

Please follow these steps:


Install the ProductDyno WP Plugin:  Please note: your content must not be already protected by another membership plugin


Add your product to ProductDyno - using the wizard, choosing to host the content on your own site but NOT choosing EXTERNAL CONTENT.  Add your product to a collection if you choose. DO NOT add content - you already have that on your WordPress site!


Secure each content page on your WordPress site as shown for a product or a collection
NOTE:  If the product you just added does not appear in the drop down list, this is because the plugin caches the list of products to prevent frequent API requests.  You will need to  clear the plugin cache by clicking on the ‘Clear Cache Data’ option inside the PD Plugin Control Panel (see below)



Customize the Welcome and Reset Password emails and login screen. Please see below for the links you should use to replace the standard "short code" links in the Welcome and Reset Password emails.

Inside the ProductDyno WP Plugin Control Panel

Connected: if you haven't connected the plugin to your ProductDyno account, this icon will show an open padlock.  If it's closed, you know you have successfully connected the plugin to your ProductDyno account.

Help & Support: Links to the ProductDyno Knowledge base and support email address.

Clear Cache Data: To increase the performance, we cache the data from ProductDyno. If you update something inside ProductDyno and don't see the change reflected inside the plugin…use this button to clear the cache and get new data from ProductDyno. It currently applies to the Product/Collection drop-down and Login page settings.

On your pages and in your emails, etc you need to use the following links for public access, registration, login, etc.  


  • Copy the URL of the FIRST page your members will see when accessing the product - use this URL to replace each occurance of <FIRSTPAGE> below
  • DO NOT use the ones shown in ProductDyno -> Product/Collection -> Domain & Access
Public Access:  <FIRSTPAGE>/?_pd_content=1
Register:  <FIRSTPAGE>/?_pd_register=1
Login: <FIRSTPAGE>/?_pd_login=1
Forgot Password: <FIRSTPAGE>/?_pd_forgot_password=1
Reset Password: <FIRSTPAGE>/?_pd_reset_code={reset_code}
(Only use the shortcode  when you change URL in the "Forgot Password " email URL in Product/Collection -> Customize -> Emails -> Forgot Password)
Logout: <FIRSTPAGE>/?_pd_logout=1

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