Perkzilla Q&A

Q1: What is the difference between the campaign types?

A: The campaigns are all different structures and ways of getting creative to deliver the prizes - whether it be for points, referrals, randomly selected etc - it's gamifying the method of delivery!

Q2: Is it possible to pick a winner out of a non-contest campaign?

A: To pick a "winner" to receive a random prize - just use the Giveaway campaign type and select "Random selection" of winner

Q3: Can we convert another type into a campaign once it has started?

A: Once you set up a campaign as one type you cannot change it - this is due to legal restraints - a Giveaway has different legal requirements to a Contest, for example

Q4: Someone can earn points without even sharing. I can click SHARE, immediately close the window and earn points, there is no check that they have actually shared the content

A: Referrals and traffic are verified and have fraud protection built in, social share is more for brand awareness and there are many effective campaigns!

We’re working on verified sharing and actions with the new action builder release - but it heavily depends on the social networks APIs and what they allow.  For example, currently Facebook does not allow you to withhold an award for sharing if the prospect has clicked the SHARE button. 

Q5: I want to set my campaign to "never end".  How do I do that?

A: Expiry date can be set to a time way in the future... to ensure it never expires. You can do this by editing your triggers...

Q6: What about security and spam prevention?

A: PerkZilla has you covered – Simply turn on the ‘confirmation first’ email setting and only confirmed subscribers will be added to your autoresponder and campaigns. We also utilize best in industry fraud prevention algorithms

Q7: What if my user has already signed up?

A: They will be reminded that they’re already signed up when they enter their email address and given their referral link with share options to drive more referrals for you.

Q8: Do you allow pixel tracking and/or Google Analytics?

A: Yes – In your form settings simply add a Tracking Page URL… This puts the welcome message on a separate page of your choice for tracking purposes. You can add any tracking/pixel codes you like on this page (just remember to add your widget code to it too)

Q9: Can I use my own domains/URLs for the referral links?

A: Yes! We’ve made it easy to use your own domains for the viral share/referral links your visitors will use to invite their friends.

Q10: Does the subscriber limit reset monthly? If not, can we export and delete subscribers to "reset"?

A: The subscriber limit is a total for the account, you can export and delete campaigns if needed or purchase expansion packs. The UNLIMITED plan solves the need for either.

Q11: What does "Websites" mean?

A: Websites means top level domains that are displaying a form or widget.

Q12: What is Removed Branding?

A: You may set a custom SMTP to remove email branding (See "Related Articles") and the only other branding is the tiny powered by PerkZilla logo within the widget and landing page.  At the moment this is there to earn us passive income to help resource continued development Perkzilla

There may be a full white-label option in the future as well which will cover agency reporting. 

Q13: Is there a referral program tied to the "Powered by" message?

A: We have plans to linking this in the future! At the moment this earns us passive income to help resource continued development Perkzilla

Q14: Is there an API and/or Webhooks/Zapier available?

A: Yes, the API is currently available at and zapier is coming soon.

Q15: Can we add users to help us manage campaigns (i.e. a VA, etc.). If not are there plans for this in the future and will it be available on all Lifetime Deal plans?

A: Unlimited Plans will get 5 Teammate accounts and 5 Client  Sub-Accounts with Standard Plans. 

Q16: Can the click target a separate/different landing page for each item?
A: You can do this as multiple campaigns, but they are in no way linked to your user-base (could be a cool feature for later on -> shared users across campaigns)

Q17: Can I have a landing page, with more info about the item, and offer a coupon if they opt-in to list?
A: Yes, it can be in the welcome message shown on the page after signed up or sent via email. This is also true after [x] signups via triggered rewards (they’d have to enter the code we do not generate it)

Q18: Can a coupon be one time use? 
A: What you offer is under your control - where you create the coupon is where it's use would be restricted

Q19:  Can signups be limited to single signup from a single IP address?
A: We can think of a hard limit but this is difficult for places such as universities, airports or coffee shops and public places who provide internet to the masses. People are flagged automatically in the fraud center but not limited (unless you ban the IP)

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