Integrate ProductDyno with A Non-Supported Payment Processor

If you wish to sell products using Paystack or any payment gateway that is not currently integrated with ProductDyno, there are several steps you need to get your developer to follow:

1) Your developer has to save the Product ID from the payment gateway which you are using (eg.Paystack) in a database against the ProductDyno Product ID.  This screenshot shows how to get the ProductDyno Product ID

2) In the custom script, when the  developer gets the notification from the payment gateway, he needs to fetch the ProductDyno’s Product ID from his database using the gateway's Product ID.

3) Then he needs to call ProductDyno "Member Create" API with the required parameters.  ProductDyno will handle the rest, like sending the login email, etc. 

The ProductDyno API URL is:

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