Business Pass VIP Founders Bonus #1

The Founder Bonus #1 is nearly 2 hours of training that a smart entrepreneur or marketer would watch and get dozens of ideas to implement to grow their own business. 

The Reseller License to Membership Command is not included in The Founder Bonus #1. That would be like having a car gifted to you with your first free trial driving lesson, wouldn't it? If, after watching the video, you want a reseller license to Membership Command - you can purchase it, by following the link under the video. 

If you take the Platinum Reseller License, you can later upgrade from within your account. At the moment the upgrade is offered at $1997.

Please note: You may find the video doesn't play if you have more than one window/tab open in your Business Pass VIP account.  Close all but 1 and try again.

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