Post Gopher and the Annual Fee

The CMS/blogging platform WordPress started around 15 years ago and now powers approximately 30% (some say 58.7%) of the web. 
We believe one of the reasons WordPress is so popular is the access to thousands of free plugins that can make each site run the way a web owner wants it - from making sites look unique to different eCommerce options… and more. 
So, what sets WordPress apart from the rest of the platforms competitors? The answer is pretty simple, anyone can create something to improve it. The support of the community, every developer and volunteer to the WordPress core is what has made it the most powerful CMS on the market, today.
So, with so many free plugins why would anyone want to fork out cash for a premium WordPress plugin
Well, that answer is a simple one, too. Free plugin providers are not required to offer support or updates and out of the approximately 36,000 plugins available that have been downloaded well over 800,000,000 times - many haven’t been updated for two years (or more), or don’t remain compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. And if you choose something unique that is not in the WordPress official repository – you may find the plugins full of malicious code or backlinks that do more harm than good. Sadly, it is sometimes the case that free plugins or those with a onetime payment stop working after a time and/or have zero support.
But then again most Free Plugins are simple and have not been developed to do complex, unique tasks – these can be free since they don’t require a lot of updates, constant support or major integrations to keep them up to date with major software updates. 
Premium plugins from a trusted source are usually a safer bet then an open source free plugin and provide a more complex,  unique service since they have the means to dedicated time to updates, offer support and keep pace with changing technology.
The only way to offer all that added value is to charge an ongoing fee for the plugin, add advertising or hold back support (or get another job that would bring in money – and really why would anyone do that?). 
Basically, you trade your time researching hundreds of free plugins, testing them and watching to make sure they are not untrustworthy, for a few dollars per year
It just makes sense to go the paid route for a unique Premium plugin. Like many paid plugins, Post Gopher comes with new features and updates that you just can’t get anywhere else. Not to mention a support team that actively works on issues reported by users, keeps the plugin updated, and constantly enhances it. 
The annual fee helps to ensure the plugin is constantly updated with the changing versions of WordPress, for security and for new features. Post Gopher also has to keep up with all the updates to Adobe PDF.  

On the roadmap for Post Gopher are integrations to more autoresponders via API to make it easier for our customers, the ability to customize the onscreen messages and implementations of other features requested by our customers. Recent updates have included changes to move Post Gopher opt-in forms toward GDPR compliancy

If your purchase of Post Gopher was more that 1 year ago, your renewal has fallen due. Please head over to to renew your license

Your annual renewal of Post Gopher is around $0.13 per day, $0.90 per week, $3.92 per month.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with a "one of a kind", premium plugin that is actively updated to be always working with the latest version of Adobe and WordPress, for stress-free lead collection on your WordPress site.

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