Post Gopher and GDPR

Post Gopher

It basically comes down to informing the potential signup that when they click the  button that they agree to the terms etc, The  autoresponder should be set to use double opt-in so then you don't need a tick box.  In fact most autoresponder services are having to force double opt in for GDPR coupled with the SPAM act. The "tick box" is really only needed if you are keeping the data yourself but Post Gopher just passes it through to the autoresponder.

We are monitoring the APIs/Form Codes for a webhook to handle the consent "tick box".  If the autoresponder service doesn't provide the webhook, we would be enabling you to break GDPR law if we have a consent box that needs to be checked in the form but then doesn't actually send that data anywhere (ie to your autoresponder service) because it would be classed as collecting data that isn't relevant.  

So for Post Gopher we are actually already close! On the Leadgen Settings page there is a field named Form Footer which was used to put in TOS etc. We plan to rename this to Privacy Policy, make it a text area so you can edit the text more easily.  We also plan to move this up to be above the button and increase the font a bit.
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