What Exactly Does Genius Lander do?

Genius Lander creates landing pages that follow the science based A.S.P.A. formula to deliver more opt-ins

It creates a single opt-in page in 4 steps:

  1. Attention-grabbing graphics
  2. Segmentation questions to appeal directly to your prospect
  3. Proposition -  The value/benefit you will provide in exchange for their opt-in
  4. Action - impelling Call To Action

You also create a window that your prospect will see immediately he completes the Action - ie. clicks "submit" button.

As a Genius Lander owner you can ...

...quickly and easily create landing pages using the step by step menu on your dashboard.

... integrate with all email service provders

If your current service isn't shown - you can use the "Custom form code/HTML"

... let us host your page - or add it to any website or blog.

Please note: 

  • You cannot add a "Buy Now" button - this is not a sales page builder
  • You cannot alter the layout/content - after all, it's a scientific formula and wouldn't work the same if you did!

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