Perkzilla Additional Settings

 Additional Settings

Click "Additional Settings" in the Main Menu to set up the social networks, SMTP settings, Points System and get the Opt-in Link

Social Network Links

Here you can create a Social Sharing Message and choose which networks to share to

  1. Write your captivating message
  2. Choose your channels - These are the easy share buttons that will show up for the emails and on-site messages
  3. Click Submit to save your settings

SMTP Settings

This enables you to "WhiteLabel" your emails.  By completing these settings your referrals will see your branded settings instead of "Perkzilla"

1-4 are self- explanatory - if you don't complete these, your referrals will receive emails from "Perkzilla"

5. These settings can be found from your email server, and completed as instructed. (You can often Google "SMTP <servername>")

Don't forget to SAVE

Point System

For added flexibility in your viral reward system, you can assign different points values for users referring others to sign up or sending traffic directly to your website using their referral link.  The default values are 1 point per referral and 0 points for a view.

  1. Adjust how many points are awarded for a referral (default is 1)
  2. Adjust how many points are awarded for a share (default is 0)
  3. Adjust how many points are awarded for a view (default is 0)

Don't forget to SAVE

Opt-In Link

This link is to encourage your existing subscribers to sign up to your campaign.  You include this link in a promotional email - changing the [Subscriber Email] to the specific personalization for your autoresponder 

eg, for Aweber, put {Email Address} 

The autoresponder inserts the recipient's email address in the URL.  If the recipient clicks the link , he is added to your PerkZilla referral list and redirected to the Welcome Page Link ("one click opt in")

Be sure to replace the placeholder text [Subscriber Email] with the shortcode from your autoresponder for the subscriber email, and to click SAVE CHANGES

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