The Perkzilla Automation Center

 Automation Center

Note: Here we use "customers" for the people who have signed up to your campaign to distinguish them from the referrals referred by them - see... it could get confusing otherwise!

This is where you can queue up emails to be sent to your customers as they reach specific levels of referrals, when you want to "check in" with them, motivate them or announce a winner.


First go to Additional Settings and check you are happy with the Points System - the defaults are generally acceptable

Next you decide what you can reward your customers and for how many referrals/points. So, say, you decide for 500 points you'll give them a £1 off coupon, for 1000 points they get a £2 off coupon, etc.  You could use "referrals" instead of "points" ... it's up to you!

Now you go to the Automation Center.

  • Rewards: starting with the provided email, modify the text is square brackets [...] to reflect your reward and delivery.  Create one for each of the rewards you have decided to give
  • Motivate: motivate your customers to greater heights - say, when they are just 200/100/50 points away from a reward.  Create 3 Motivate emails using the provided email as a template
  • Notify: every so often - update your customer on his status - this reminds him he is "in the system".  Again, just edit the provided email - mostly just the [...]
  • Inactivity: send to recalcitrant customers who have not been active! You decide how often you will contact the customer - number of days from last referral, share, point earned... Again, you can have several, but there comes a point when you give up reminding!
  • Winner: Send to the winner if you are running a competition campaign


When you first set up a campaign, there will be none - all  you have to do is click on the button for the type of email you want to compose:

This will bring up an editor with some default text that you can edit to your own specification

A standard email format has already been created for you but you can customize it to your own requirements:

  1. Trigger name so you can identify it
  2. Change type if you wish - Reward/Notify/Inactivity/Motivate/Winner
  3. Select whether the email will be triggered - the values will vary according to Automation Type
  4. Trigger Value - this will depend on the Trigger Type selected
  5. Time the email should be sent out - this is in the timezone selected in your profile settings
  6. Email Subject
  7. WYSIWYG editor including the facility to use HTML and to expand the edit area to full screen
  8. These are "shortcodes" that will be replaced by the relevant values for your account and this campaign
  9. Don't forget to SAVE

This video was created before the full Automation Center was implemented but gives you a great grounding in creating your Trigger Rewards/Emails.

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