Perkzilla Automation Center

Remember when you were working with the Wizard you specified prizes and and end date for your campaign?  Well, the Wizard turned these into "triggers" that would automatically be sent as emails to the relevant customers
You can add, change or delete these triggers.  Just click on AUTOMATION CENTER on the main menu
(NOTE: If you have no campaigns - you will not see this entry in the menu until you create a campaign)

In the Automation Center dashboard, be sure to select the campaign you want to deal with (1) and you will see all the triggers created for you by the wizard using the information you provided at the time you were creating the campaign

2) The Type of triggers - we'll cover the others later
3) Remember - this is the name and number of the prizes you nominated
4) Automatically generated email subject line
5) The date the trigger is to go out - if it is a "Winner" trigger - this is the end of the contest/giveaway. 
6) To delete a trigger - click on the trashcan  icon
7) To change a trigger or duplicate it, click on the 3 dots and choose

So you can change anything you provided to the wizard - name, total winners, trigger type (how to choose the "winners") and campaign end time and date.  You also have full WYSIWYG editor to change the email that will be sent to the customer at the date specified.

You can add more triggers in the Automation Center.  Choose the type of trigger you want: Rewards, Notify, Inactivity, Motivate, Winner.  The default template will help you decide which carries the right connotation for what you want to send.

Be sure you are working with the right campaign then select the type of activity you  want to add.  Each will create a new trigger - just complete the control fields and, if you wish, edit the default template email using the WYSIWYG editor.  In this example the screenshot shows an "Inactivity" trigger.  Note the "control" fields are slightly different to those for the "winner" trigger above

Note: we do recommend NOT changing the Automation Type once you are in the edit mode since it doesn't change the default email and you may end up not saying what you wanted.

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