Set Up Autoresponders in Perkzilla

Set Up Autoresponders

If you have no autoresponders set up you will see this screen:

Click on the big blue PLUS and choose from the list of integrated autoresponders

API integrated Autoresponders

Click the one you want - it will be added in a new block. 

  1. Click the ? for step by step instructions for this specific autoresponder
  2. When you have entered the required information Connect your PerkZilla account to your autoresponder
  3. You can delete the integration any time you want

Custom HTML Integration

If the autoresponder you use is not in the list of integrated ones, just click the CUSTOM HTML button:

In just 3 easy steps you can set up your own integration

Step 1: Name your Integration

Step 2: Paste the code from your Autoresponder

Step 3: Confirm PerkZilla had located the correct variables (it usually does!)

Click "Submit" and you're all done!  

Your Integration will appear on your "Set Up Autoresponder" Dashboard with the name you chose:

NOTE: You can connect to any combination of the shown autoresponders you like!

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