How Long is Lifetime?

Look, we cannot promise you the world.  "Lifetime" refers to to the lifetime of the product - not your lifetime!

Anything can happen and usually does…it’s Murphy’s Law, right?  

The issue is that we are providing a product for life for a one-time investment.  Although we plan to be around for as long as we can, we cannot promise you that North Korea won’t bomb us tomorrow and the world goes down the toilet.  

In the case that we have to shut down - for whatever reason - you will have been able to use the application for at least a year (hopefully)…and we are charging for lifetime service 1/5th of what comparable companies are charging for only one year of service.  We’d say those odds are worth taking…any time we continue to operate after three months is gravy to you, are we right?  

We've been in business online for well over a decade now. We have a solid team in place. We're not a start up that will disappear once it runs out of Venture Capital funding, like 90% do, since we are completely customer funded and our customers are loving our products right now - we are here for the long term but of course we cannot guarantee the world as we know it will still be here next year.

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