My shared image and content on Facebook are not showing

When a user receives your welcome email, they have the option to share to any social media account and this includes Facebook. The content of the shared post can be set on your Perkzilla settings. However, there are instances when the shared post content doesn't show what you have set. 

This happens when you are using WordPress. You may have plugins that set your SEO image or the Facebook Open Graph image. It's when you create or edit a post and  choose an image for SEO purposes or maybe select an image for Facebook.

To solve this, you need to do the following:

  • Install Yoast SEO and specify the image, title and description you want to show to your shared content. 
  • Go to and paste the URL of the page. Click "scrape again". This should flush the Facebook cache for the page and force it to re-load the data. It should now show the right content when you share on Facebook. 

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