Promote Labs Coupons/Gift Certificates

You can use the code on your Coupon or Gift Certificate towards your total purchase during checkout (one time use) towards any digital product DIRECTLY sold at

You can see how to apply it in this article:  PromoteLabs Checkout Page.  As you see , you can enter only one code per purchase - this is a restriction of our payment processor.  This means that each coupon/gift certificate can only be used on it's own and not accumulated.

The Gift Certificate does not apply to any of our products NOT shown in the catalog at  Hence it cannot be used for 

  • PerkZilla
  • ProductDyno
  • Post Gopher
  • any of the Monkey Web Apps

Please note that in common with all eCommerce sites, including Amazon, you are not able to "stack up" multiple gift cards or coupon codes on one order.  It's a one coupon per order offer