Securing External Content

If you already have the content for your product stored elsewhere on the web, you can easily have ProductDyno deliver it from there  - and ensure unauthorized users can't access it.

1: In Manage Product->Domain Access, slide the button to enable External Content and put the URL of the first page you would like your logged in customers to see. 

2: Click on Copy Protection Code.  A window pops up with code.  Copy the entire code and paste it before the opening body tag or within the <head></head> of the HTML of the page you have nominated  - and all other pages you want protected.

For adding the code to a WordPress site we recommend using a plugin called  Header Footer Code Manager. This enables  you to create a snippet containing the code and specify on which pages/posts it is to be placed.

Please Note:  If you have selected to Enable External Content, the "Content" section of your Manage Product Dashboard will be "greyed out"

Links from Page to Page within your External Content

The link from one page to the next must be a plain <a href="URL">

It should not contain any display directions such as  target="_blank|_self|_parent|_top|framename"

Adding Your Secure Code in Thrive Themes

When using Thrive Landing Page templates the script needs to be added in this specific section:

Landing Page Settings (under the green "Save Changes" button) > Custom Scripts > Header Scripts