Troubleshooting PostGopher

If you are experiencing problems with your PostGopher, we offer the following "frequently met problems" as a way to do some troubleshooting to save yourself time!

  1. Check you have the latest version of the plugin installed: go to PLUGINS and see if there is one for PostGopher outstanding
  2. Check with your host that you are using PHP 5.6 or above ( they will know!)  Click HERE to see how you can upgrade it yourself on Hostgator. 
  3. Check you don't have any plugin conflicts: deactivate all but PostGopher, check if it works.  If it does, activate each plugin one at a time, checking PostGopher after doing so.  If there is a conflict this will isolate it.
  4. Are you using a "Visual" page builder such as ProfitBuilder? This may result in a blank PDF being generated or "Code" in the PDF.  If this happens to you, please contact the customer happiness team with the name of your page builder and we will ask the developers if they can find a work-around.
  5. If, when you test and are generating the PDF, you get an error: Fatal Error undefined function mb_convert_encoding(), you need to ask your hosting company to insure that the mb string PHP module is installed.  Normally is is but if you encounter this error ... that is the reason!
  6. If you are getting a lot of "code" or receiving a "broken PDF" file it may be that your hosting company have not enabled fopen wrappers and disabled PHP warning messages.  They will understand if you ask them!
  7. If there is no PDF link in the download email it may be that you have not got the macro DOWNLOAD-LINK somewhere in the Leadgen email content and the 'Download Link Text' field filled in.  The DOWNLOAD-LINK macro must be spelled  exactly as shown, not translated since it is an instruction to Post Gopher to insert the link.

You can also check out the common error messages and their solutions ... see the Related Articles below