Adding Deliverable Content for your Product

In order to deliver your materials via ProductDyno you will first add them to your product inside ProductDyno.
(Remember: if you have Enabled External Content, this option will be unavailable here)

Your content can consist of audios, videos, images, text, PDFs and Zip files.  You can include deliverable content that you have already hosted online or you can upload deliverable content to your linked Amazon S3 or your FTP accounts.  See  Global Hosting Integrations on how to set these up. Once uploaded, access to these items is protected against unauthorized access - only logged in members can access this content

In this article:

  1. Already Hosted Content
    • Audio
    • Video
  2. Upload with ProductDyno
    1. Global Hosting Integration
      • Amazon S3
      • FTP
    2. Product Hosting Integration
    3. Adding Content
      • Add Audio
      • Add Video
      • Add Images
      • Add Text
      • Add File
    4. Supporting Files for zip, PDF, etc

Already Hosted

If you have your audio or video already stored online, you can "link" to that from ProductDyno.  The access permissions, etc will need to be set so that these files are available via the URL you give, ie they will not be "protected content" within ProductDyno


Add the URL to the MP3 and/or OGG versions of the audio file as already stored online


Add the URL of the video as already accessed online

Or that of the MP4 and/or it's Webm version

Upload with ProductDyno

You can upload your content to your own webspace (Amazon S3 or FTP) when setting up your product.  This ensures that access to your content is ONLY available to registered and logged in members of your ProductDyno product.

Integrating with Your Online Storage

Global Hosting Integration

First, set up the appropriate integration(s) in your Global Integrations

You can integrate with Amazon S3 or your own hosting via FTP

Amazon S3

You can integrate as many Amazon S3 Buckets as you want - for example to have each product in a separate bucket.  Give each one a "NickName" so you can identify it within your ProductDyno account.  Copy and paste the Key and Secret Key from your Amazon Account.  If the buckets don't already exist, ProductDyno will create them.  NOTE: This is NOT to access already uploaded content

Your Own Hosting via FTP

You can setup as many FTP accounts as you want - each with it's own login credentials.  ProductDyno will "login" and upload your content to the assigned folders.  NOTE: This is NOT to access already uploaded content

Product Hosting Integration

For each product, you now can select where you want the contents stored.  

Just choose which of your Global File Hosting Integrations you want to be used for this product

Once you have set up your storage location options, you can start adding content...

Adding Content

Add Audio

Upload the relevant files

Note: if you upload your audio in only one format first - not doing the other format, maybe because you haven't gotten it ready - then come back to add the other one, be sure to hover over the existing audio and click EDIT to add the same audio in a different format

Add Video

Note: if you upload your video in only one format first - not doing the other format, maybe because you haven't gotten it ready - then come back to add the other one, be sure to hover over the existing video and click EDIT to add the same video in a different format

Add Image

Add Text

When you click on Add Text, a WYSIWYG editor pops up:

Type your text in here.   Please note: You will get very strange results if you paste already formatted text here.  If you are copying text that is already formatted, paste it into a plain text editor such as Notepad to strip out the formatting. Then copy it again before pasting into ProductDyno Text Editor.

You can add style, formatting,links, bullets, etc to this text

Don't forget to SAVE!

Add File

This is for PDFs, ZIPs, etc.  You upload the file and give the Link Text that will direct your member to access the file

Supporting Files

You also have the facility to add "supporting files" to your product.  

Please Note: These files are hosted by us on Amazon S3 so they will not appear on your server and there is a size limit of 10MB

Here you can upload additional materials such as ZIP, PDF and presentation slides, as well as Audio, video, and images.

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