Your Products in ProductDyno

When you select PRODUCTS from the Main Menu you will see the list of products (if any) that you have already added to ProductDyno 

Products Dashboard

From this dashboard you

  1. Click here to create a new product "from scratch"
  2. Edit the name, description and featured image of an existing product
  3. Manage this product - jump straight to Manage Product
  4. Clone a product to create a new one with similar settings

Create New Product

Name your product and click CREATE

The next window will be Manage Product

Manage Product

You access this screen for each of your products.  This is where you actually set up and manage your product, its integrations and its members

Each of the following sections will be covered in it's own article.  Jump straight to the section you want or follow the link below for the next step in the Quick Start Guide:

  1. Domain & Access
  2. Manage Content
  3. Customize
  4. Payment Gateways
  5. Integrations
  6. Licensing
  7. Members

CLICK HERE for the next step in the Quick Start Guide - Product Domain & Access

Edit Product

This is where you can set up what your members are going to see for this product: a description and featured image. 

For this example the customer will see this in his membership dashboard:

You also set the options for the "Powered By ProductDyno" link here.   Check out this article.

Clone Product

When you clone a product, all the sections within the products are copied across to the new product

If you click YES: the next screen will be the Manage Product Dashboard for the new product - here you can change the name of the new product:

The next window will be the Manage Product Dashboard

The following sections are each covered in it's own FAQ.  Please click on the links:

  1. Products
  2. Collections
  3. Global Integrations
  4. My Account
  5. Help & Support
  6. Resources
  7. Developer