PostGopher Statistics

Once you install PostGopher on your blog, it logs all views of the posts/pages selected in the  Settings

  1. Shown: Number of times the page/post (with an active PostGopher button) has been shown.
  2. Clicked: Number of times the PostGopher CTA button has been clicked
  3. Optins: Number of times the reader entered name/email having clicked the CTA
  4. Click Thru Rate: Percentage of readers that clicked the CTA button
  5. Optin Rate: Percentage of readers who gave their name/email having clicked the CTA
  6. PDF Download: Number of times the PDF was downloaded from the sent link (multiple times from the same link increments the count)
  7. PDF Click Thru: Number of readers who returned to the source page/post from the link in the PDF

To correlate your statistics over a period of time, eg, week/month/etc  you can copy the stats and paste them into a spreadsheet.  You then can reset the stats in PostGopher or let them roll on