Putting your Autoresponder form on the Squeeze page

We're happy to say this is quite easy!

  1. Be sure you have the latest Reseller Promo Package from your Reseller Tools area (this has been updated quite recently!) 
  2. To add your autoresponder form to the pop up on the squeeze page open the index.html file in a text editor such as notepad and scroll down to line #100.  
  3. Replace the following placeholder text "ENTER YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION FORM HERE" with your autoresponder sign up form code.
  4. After inserting the complete Aweber code you might want to center align the containing DIV using the <center>...</center> tags ...

Remember to redirect your visitors to your free silver registration link (this can be done inside your autoresponder account when creating your form or inside the first email you send to the new subscriber when they confirm their subscription)

The above instructions are inside each Reseller Pack should you need to refer to them again.