Setting Up Your Membership Command

Your 10 sites in Membership Command are all set up and waiting for you to promote.  You can see the structure/flow of each site in our article " How Membership Command Works"

We suggest you select the one site that interests you most out of the 10 -. Traffic? Affiliate? Products? Wealth?
For the purpose of the article we have chosen Success Upgrade, but the process will be the same whichever site YOU choose!

For now, ignore all the other 9 and concentrate on this one only. Log in using the same credentials as you have for your Membership Command. 

Click on Videos and you will see that the site is all set up and ready "to go" for your members - whether they are Silver/Free members and only have access to the Silver videos, or Gold members and have access to both Silver and Gold videos.  If one of you members upgrades from Gold to Platinum, they become a reseller of this one site - whereas you have reseller rights to all 10 sites

Set Up Your Reseller Information

1==> Click on Affiliate Profile then "JOIN NOW" Complete the form ... so we know where to send the payments!

2==>Click on Reseller Tools. In here we have 6 sections but only 2 are involved in the setup

Section 1: Set Up Your Reseller Account: This is your "branding" and your affiliate ids for Clickbank and JVZoo. Complete the first 6 fields
The next field : logout rotator URL, is where you want your members to be redirected to when they logout - maybe set it to your link for one of the other sites? (  We'll cover this in a moment **1**)

The last section at the bottom is for a feature that is undergoing a re-vamp so you can ignore that for now

Click "Update Your Reseller Account" and "go back to Reseller Tools"

Section 1: Set up Your Rotating Banner Ads
We'll come back to this(**2**)  as it will be easier to do after the next step... let's move on for now

Section 6: Affiliate Requests

Click on "CLICK HERE" and follow the instructions on the next page - this involves getting approval to be an affiliate for our products in JVZoo and Zaxaa.  This is a requirement of these 2 platforms.  In your request just put "Membership Command Reseller" and you will be approved within 24 hours.

And that's it!  You are ready to go! 

Go to Section 2: Your Reseller Links, grab the first one shown there 
HOSTED VERSION OF Silver Membership MEMBERSHIP PAGE WITH FREE ACCESS  which is something like:

Start promoting/sending traffic to this link! We recommend that to start with, you get this link from one of your other sites and put it as your logout rotator at **1** above 

You don't even have to log in to a different site to get the link - just choose which one you think is relevant and "generate" the link:  http://  .com/go/id2/youruserid/Silver.html  >.com/go/id2/youruserid/Silver.html

**2** Let's return to Section 1: Rotating Banner Ads

This is where you can promote other products to your members.  If you don't add your own banners, those of your sponsor will show here.  If you have your favorite program or product, do feel free to add the banners here.  If you don't, we suggest you promote some of the products you signed up for when you were completing Section 6: Affiliate Requests.

For the product(s) you want to promote, find the appropriately sized banner - often on the JV/promo page. 
You can either use the banner where it is by copying the URL of the banner and pasting it into your Banner set up area; or you can upload the banner of your choice right here in the banner setup ares (we host it for you)

Then add your affiliate link for each banner  and click SAVE.

Now as your members watch the videos, it'll be your banners that are rotated on the right of their screen